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TESSA LTD. specializes in Manufacturing and Upgrading of Food Processing Lines of different production rates. All of our Food Processing Lines are "Tailor-Made" according to customer specific requirements. Therefore, each of TESSAs Food Processing Lines is designed to take care of each and every customers needs.

TESSA customers are offered a full range of services including:

  • Installation
    • Operation
      • Guidance
        • Start-up
          • Training
            • Post-Sale Service and Support

              TESSAs team arrives to the customers facilities several times, depending on the size of the Processing Plant. The first arrival will be dedicated for gathering information on customers special needs and requirements. This will lead to a comprehensive Pre-Project Work. A Tailor-Made Floor Design will be prepared by our engineering department taking into account customers facility specifications, dairy production international guidelines and customers personal requirements providing a perfect user- friendly operation.

              Our second arrival to the customers facilities will be conducted once the equipment has arrived to the customers facilities. Our technical team will be there to Assemble and Install the equipment according to plans. Once Installation is done, our Food Specialist will arrive to site in order to perform Local Team Training. The Food Specialist will teach the local team and provide the Know-How of operating the equipment and producing the various products. The Food Specialist will stay at site for a period of several production cycles in order to provide Online Guidance while the local team operates the equipment.

              TESSAs Turnkey Services also include Providing Guidance regarding the Requirements for the building and production facility. We provide information regarding the demands for Drainage, Water, Power Consumption and other various requirements and guidelines regarding Food Production as the requirements for Floor Coverage, Wall Coverage, etc.

              TESSAs Food Processing Lines include all necessary Auxiliary Units and Equipment such as: Pumps, Filters, Auxiliary Facilities, Dairy Pipes and Valves, Communication and Interface Components etc. In addition, our sales team can provide Information and Guidance regarding different types of Packagings and Packing Materials.

              TESSAs customers are offered the option of placing the equipment in Ready Modules supplied by TESSA and thus receive a COMPLETE FACILITY with no need for a building.

              TESSAs customers enjoy complete Post-Sale Service including Full Guaranty, Guidance, Technical and Food Technological Services.

              These Special Features and Services which are offered by TESSA lead to Quick Project Completion and Trouble-Free Production for our clients.